The Best Lunch Ever vs The Worst Lunch Ever

For me the best lunch ever is your typical diner meal: grilled cheese and tomato soup. I tried the vegan thing for a while - but the vegan cheese, seriously, in my opinion, SUCKS. One of my most favorite things is a grilled cheese sandwich but this Tofutti vegan cheese just does not compare with regular dairy Cheddar cheese.

The vegan cheese doesn't even really melt. It's just like plastic.

The thing I like to pair with my grilled cheese is tomato soup, celery sticks and an apple.

And of course, the best thing to have with the Best Lunch ever is good company.

Good company: Kailea eating her sandwich and fruit

The Best Lunch Ever: grilled Cheddar cheese, tomato soup, celery, apple

The Worst Lunch Ever (which is actually an attempt at the Best Lunch: failed)


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