Review: Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins (page 46)
from VWAV - Isa Chandra Moskowitz

This was the 2nd most boring recipe I have tried in VWAV. For one thing they are not very sweet. They were really dense and the Lemon taste just wasn't there. I would probably use 1 tsp lemon extract in place of the vanilla extract - since they are supposed to be LEMON! And yes, they could use some more sweetening... and perhaps less oil.

Okay, but other than that - I'm impressed that every muffin recipe in this book that says makes 12 - is very accurate. And I like the Punk Points suggestion for this recipe - to freeze half of them in cupcake liners and then you just add 8-10 minutes on the baking time and then you always have fresh muffins - I may do this for the Pumpkin muffins recipe because seriously - those are the best muffins - in my opinion.

I'm so happy that Halloween & Thanksgiving are approaching because I'm going to make Pumpkin muffins for both those occassions :-) Me So Happy!


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