Orange Sesame Tofu
from: eat, drink & be vegan by Dreena Burton

This was a pretty easy meal to put together. That's what I liked. It wasn't too time consuming and it was pretty good. However, it didn't taste all that much like orange. I think maybe some of the other ingredients over powered the orange juice. Maybe it's because I eyeballed the rest of the ingredients and didn't measure exactly - even so - this wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.

The problem is we've already tried another recipe called "Orange Chicken Style Tofu" from and we loved that. So when I said I was making Orange Tofu tonight and then it didn't look or taste like the other - I think Mark was disappointed and I was a little bit, too. But I said to Mark, this is baked and so probably lower in fat or whatever. And it was easy to put together but even so we prefer the other recipe over Dreena's.

Also, I haven't tried a lot of recipes in her book yet. I've been sticking with Vegan with a Vengeance for the most part. I like the way that book is set up better because it has a full index in the front with the recipes names and where I can find them... in Dreena's book I have to look in the back index and it's a bit annoying. Plus, I think the font or colors in the book is a bit hard to read. I also noticed that a lot of her recipes contain ingredients that you just cannot find so easily in the Netherlands. And she uses a lot of maple syrup in the baked goods and that is really expensive stuff. But I have tried two other recipes from that book which I will discuss at a later date. And they were good - I'm not giving up on her book just yet though - one "failed" recipe is no biggy. Because after all, it wasn't a complete "failure" - it just didn't compare to something we liked better. Too bad.


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