Mashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy
from VWAV by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Oh Yummy - delicious. We had this two nights because of all the leftover gravy. The first night I made the mashed potatoes with the sauteed garlic variation. Delicious. Then we served it along side some vegetarian filet patties with extra gravy on top. The second night - which is pictured - we made the mashed potatoes regular but stirred in some fried up tofu pieces and then topped it off with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Makes for nice presentation and tasted great, too. We also served it along side green beans and apple sauce. A very down home meal and we loved it.

Well, to be honest, I liked it a lot and Mark loved it. He was like "oh my gosh, this is so goooooood" He even pronounced "goooooood" just like that because that's how much he liked it.

So, this one is a keeper for us - we will do it again.


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