The Lion Brand Crochet-Along

This year I decided to participate in the Lion Brand Crochet Along. This is something I've never done. Until recently, I've been crocheting from patterns and I think that means I've come along way in my hobby. When I first learned to crochet, I was 12 years old. We learned in Young Womens. It was part of a service project. Each of us bought our own yarn and hooks and made a Granny-Square Afgan to be donated to the local convalescent center. I remember that mine was red and beige. I really enjoyed crocheting and made several more afgans - all Granny Square.

I later picked up a book with other simple stitches and practiced those but whenever I attempted to follow a pattern I failed horribly. So for years I would just make up my own patterns - crocheting bags, hats and scarves. Using simple stitches - single crochet and double crochet.

So last year I bought this book: Crochet Me. And I finally attempted to make something with it. I chose a pattern that is simple - a mini skirt. I made it for my sistet-in-law Linda for her birthday. It's just her kind of thing - mini skirts. It turned out beautifully... I forgot to take a picture of it. I will have her send me a photo of her wearing it - then I'll blog about that later.

Now back to the Lion Brand Crochet Along. The pattern that was chosen is a small quilt like afgan. It was very easy to make. It uses 3 different stitches - you make 10 rectangles of each stitch/pattern. Then you sew those all together and then use another stitch to go around it. I decided to make it using some fun colors which are colors that coordinate with Ella's baby room. It really has a quilt-like feel to it as well. I still haven't weaved in all the loose ends but it's a beautiful thing and I really enjoyed doing it. Maybe I'll also participate in next years Crochet Along, too.

It's given me something to do while Mark works at the house and I'm alone most evenings... it sure is fun to blog - but sometimes - it's nice to work on something else :-)

My next goal is to try and make some of those cute little amigurumi patterns - you know the little teddy bears and elephants... ahh... so cute.

(Sorry the picture is sideways, can't get it to flip the right way around)


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