I've been enjoying etsy for a few months now. Mostly just browsing stuff I'd like to buy. I have created a list of my favorite stores. I'm waiting for Cristin, my roomie from college to start her own store - b/c she makes the cutest stuff, seriously, I'm going to be her first buyer!
Well, I've been thinking about putting some of my stuff up there. So today I started my own etsy store. Bummer thing is the time you have to put into listing your items there. It only costs 20 cents to list an item and they list it for 4 months. Then they do take a percentage of the sell cost. No biggie though. I've gone ahead and listed one of my paintings. I tried to list another but for the life of me I cannot find the image I made of it - the photograph I mean, so I'll just have to get out the trusty camera and take another. Oh well... the other thing is they ask you to list the shipping cost and honestly I have no idea what it costs to ship stuff -- but I went ahead and said $20 - that will include not only actually shipping - but handling as well!

Here is my new store:

I've listed "Lion" - one of my only "buttonhead" paintings that I own. The very first "buttonhead" painting I did now sits in someone's home - I sold it at a little gallery in Baltimore and I'm afraid I never took a photo of it - so I have no way of looking at it - only my memory. I do have the original sketches and I plan on making a duplicate - felt creation of it one of these days...

I'd also like to eventually put more of my felt creations in the etsy shop as well... when I get around to it :-) ha ha.


Rachel said…
My sister-in-law has been doing the Etsy thing too. I guess I will have to check it out.

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