Zen Spiral Afgan - Pattern #: 70629AD Lion Brand Yarn

I recently finished this afgan. It was fun to make because I had never made a circular afgan before. I had always just made those classic granny square afgans - so this was a nice change. But it was difficult in the beginning because I misread the instructions and increased every 8 stitches instead of a total of 8 stitches around each side as it got bigger and bigger. I don't think the instructions were very clear for a beginner - such as I. Not that I'm a beginner because I've been crocheting for years - but I'm a beginner when it comes to reading patterns. Anyways, I caught on pretty quick that I had it all wrong and had to undo the whole thing. That made me pretty mad. But I was back to the round I should have been on correctly very quick.

Once I started doing it the correct way I finished it in about 2 weeks. It was also nice because once I started doing it correctly I noticed a pattern - that I was making like a rounded octagon - and that I increased at about the same spot every time so I didn't have to count each time when I needed to increase. That was nice and helped it go much quicker and without as many interuptions. I made it using only 3 colors to match the color scheme in the living room and it turned out nicely. I'm very fond of it.


Rachel said…
I love it. That shape looks like it would be tough. I really like the colors

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