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Mango-Ginger Tofu (page 153)

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes (page 35)

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Coconut Pancakes with Pineapple Sauce (page 32-33)

My review of coconut pancakes...

First off, this is the first vegan pancake recipe I've made where the pancakes where really thick like typical American pancakes. I liked that. However, Mark thought the nutmeg gave it too much of a "grown up" taste as he described it. And you really couldn't taste the coconut. I was thinking if I make these again that I would either omit the nutmeg or reduce it by half. And that I would first toast the shredded coconut because that really helps bring out the flavor. We had leftover pancakes and I finished some off today and I found that the coconut flavor is more noticeable the second day... but usually when you serve pancakes it's the first day they get eaten so the flavor really needs to be noticeable the first day.

Secondly, the pineapple sauce was very easy to make. And this got the best review by far by Mark. He said that I could make it anytime to top his regular Dutch apple pancakes. I think it would also make a nice topping for ice cream.

Corn Chowder (page 57)

I had planned on serving this in big breadroll bowls but Mark requested that we eat it in regular bowls with the bread sliced up. So that's what we did. I love corn chowder. My Dad makes an excellent corn chowder - however it's not vegan or even vegetarian... but it's good. So I was anxious to try this recipe. This recipe tastes nothing like Dads, but it's good, too. Luckily, I just told Mark we would be having soup and I didn't mention "corn chowder" to him because he didn't like Dad's corn chowder because Mark doesn't really like anything to thick and creamy. This recipes is thick but not creamy. And it's spicy - very hot - lots of heat. We did use two peppers and cayenne and extra black pepper. And I added all this before tasting it. I just followed the recipe. So it was hot. And I think this is why Mark liked it so much and ate it up. He likes a challenge if it's hot and spicy - and this was just that. I didn't eat much of it because I was too busy dipping my bread and drinking apple juice and water in between bites - but Mark ate all the soup and went back for seconds. Then I said to him - you're going for seconds - it is corn chowder you know? He was suprised and said to me - I'm glad you didn't say corn chowder before I started because I like it!


So I guess you can say we will be making this one again!


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