Six Years Anniversary!
(Sept 7)

So we decided to spend the day in style. We drove a lot - and when we got where we were going we had lots of fun. We saw the cube houses in Rotterdam and then we ate vegetarian Chinese food at De Oude Plek. It was delicious. Photos of the Cube houses are featured on the other blog - mod homes in the Netherlands. Photos of the food are here!

I had this bird's nest thingy. It was sweet n spicy. It had cashew nuts and the vegetarian chicken - I think it was made from wheat. It was delicious. I had it over noodles. Yum. Mark had the babipangang - i probably just spelled that wrong. But whatever - it was super sweet and delicious. Mark had really been looking forward to it. Ever since we went vegetarian he had been craving his favorite thing to eat at these Dutch/Chinese restaurants. He was so satisfied with the meal that he said: I can't wait to come back! Too bad we didn't get any take out - next time we will.
We also started the meal with sweet Chinese tomato soup. Yum yum.

For dessert we both had ice cream. Mark had a banana split. I had this dame blanche. Yum. It was perfect. You could also order vegan ice cream here but we went with vegetarian since it was a special day for us. Here again my photo comes out side ways. I don't know why as it is not sideways in the PSP program. Oh well. There I am and very happy to start in on my chocolate sauce ;-p


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