Premortality, Mortality and Sexuality

Well today I came across two interesting things. The first is that I got reconnected with this girl from Phoenix. She is writing a novel about premortality and mortality - it's a Fiction piece all completely made up from her own mind. I like the idea of the story because it's something I've thought about. What exactly happened in premortality. How can Heavenly Father know each of us so intimately? Mark has said it this way to me. That premortality - part of eternity - just going the other direction - as no beginning - no time. So even though Heavenly Father and Mother have had billions of children - they have raised each of them and therefore know each of them personally. And that obviously has taken a really really really long "time". So back to this book that Autumn* is writing - it's interesting because she writes it about a girl named Emily and that her twin from premorality is now her "devil" tempter on earth. The twin - Jacobi choose Satan's plan and therefore never got a body. Anyways, this has caused me to reflect on the idea that Emily's little devil is male and what kinds of ways the male mind is so different from the female mind... and how a male mind will tempt a female mind. It's interesting to me personally - on many levels - sexually especially - since this is such a common problem for many many people. We are all sexual beings and so it's something that has been a temptation for me in the past and anyways, that's a bit private but anyways...

This brings me to the other interesting thing I came across today and that is Dr. Laura Brotherson's blog:
From what I read it's very good. Because sex is often very taboo especially in the Mormon and other religious communities. People are afraid to talk about it. While everyone else in the world talks about it so openly and how do I say this - makes it less than what it is or should be.
I feel like as a Young Women's leader that I should say more but it's hard to know just what to say and you don't really know what parents have already discussed with their children. But it's like I want to say something to let them know that sex is great - especially in marriage. But outside of marriage it often just leads to heartbreak. It's a hard thing to discuss - but luckily - there is this lady doctor who can do it for us. I hope parents everywhere will read her blog or book so they know a little bit better about how to discuss sex with their children. I think young people - girls especially - probably boys too - but I don't have much contact with boys - but I think people need to be educated on many levels when it comes to sex. It's very sad to read about some of the readers comments on Dr Laura's blog because some people have been in some what good marriages for a better part of their lives - but the main thing the marriage lacks is sexuality -- good and wholesome sex... and this is probably one reason for such a high divorce rate in the LDS church - and a reason why so many people cheat or start looking at porn.

It's interesting because the prophets and apostles keep talking about how porn is such a problem in the world today - but what is the root of the problem? I think Dr. Laura really gets to the root of it. We have to educate ourselves that sexuallity is a really good thing - and something that God intended to be a part of a healthy marriage. Thank God for that :-)

*See Autumns story excerpt here: "As We Greet With A Kiss"
She has music on her blog - so mute your volume to enjoy the story.


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