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I've been working on a quilt/afgan from a pattern I got from the Lion brand yarn company. (see - zen spiral afgan pattern no. 70629AD) It's turning out really nice. It wasn't at first b/c I misunderstood the instructions and started to increase too much too fast. I had to undo the entire thing. And I had been working on this for about 2 weeks already. Well I've been re-working it all morning and I'm almost back to the round/row I was on when I let out all that yarn. Mark was right though - it's better to start over than to try and correct it half way through b/c you will use less yarn and you will get back to where you were supposed to be much faster.

The thing that makes me mad is that this is supposed to be a pattern for beginners. So I think it would have been better if the instructions where also aimed at beginners. You have to do math to figure out just how much to increase and when. It would have been easier if in the pattern they tell you on…

Why I decided to go Vegetarian.

I knew friends in college that were vegetarian. I thought that was cool and that I could never do it. In my third year of marriage I was definitely doing all the cooking by then. I wanted to start having a vegetarian day once a week. My favorite website became I know that site really caters more to vegans but I like the way the site was set up. I also used recipes from and those were good too. Some time later sitting in Sunday school we were discussing Section 89 of the Doctrine & Covenants. Someone pointed out that in verse 3 - it says that this principle was adapted to the weak and the weakest of all the Saints. We had really been discussing other things like the amount of sugar most of us consume. I've struggled to reduce my sugar intake over the years - and have tried to give it up all together but have backed out on that one as you can read from previous posts. Well, I really thought about that verse a lot over time. Then in January 2007 I wante…

and if you google mormon and vegan you can find many more articles on blogs etc -

i'm not the only one :-)

happy happy joy joy