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Well, I had this big goal to give up sugar in 2008... but you know what - that's crazy! Why give up that evil sugar - when I can still eat it in smaller quantities and still lose weight - thanks to Weightwatchers online! I started it just over two weeks ago - and at my first weigh in on Feb 14 - I lost 4.5 pounds! I was totally thrilled with those results. It was enough to keep me going and not blowing it all on Valentine's chocolates. I only ate 3 chocolates that day.

And besides that I got a ice cream maker for Christmas and I'm going to make lots and lots of ice cream this year. I've already made many different flavors. My favorite is coffee with white chocolate chunks. But luckily the banana ice cream I make is only 2 POINTS per serving. So I can have a serving of banana ice every night - I can still eat my treats and lose weight - as long as I stick to the POINTS system (flex points) and eat all my vegetables and drink all my water.

I'm really quite excited …