I accomplished my goal from last year. I went vegetarian. Now can I accomplish my many goals for 2008?

I have many. I won't list them all as some of them are personal. But I got this book for my birthday called Crochet Me. And I recently visited the crochetme.com website. It's so cool. I want to try out many crochet projects this year. I've never really tried anything cool. I've just made my own designs: hats, bags and scarves. But I'd like to try some clothing - a skirt or that cute little sweater for baby that I saw.

I also want to give up sugar in 2008. White sugar. Giving up sweets completely is foolish and impossible to me... but white sugar is doable. Hopefully I'll actually lose weight this year... if only 10 pounds - I'd be so happy :-)


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