Artist Rising...

That is the site I use as a place to let other people look at my art and order prints if they like something a lot. Of course, I also sell the originals if I have them and someone is willing to pay a decent price.

Lately, I have all kinds of ideas floating through my head. I want to paint so much that I have very little time for doing things that I must do. For example, I must take this imburgeren's exam to satisfy this stupid law here in Holland. So I'm supposed to do about 1 hour worth of homework everyday. I really dislike it very much though because I want to spend all my free time on my hobbies and goals.

Anyways, back to the topic of Artist Rising. This is a great site - I love the concept that artists from all over the world can put their stuff up on there and get royalty for their original art and photography. It's very cool. So far, I haven't gotten any money though because you have to reach $50 before they pay anything to you and I'm at $28, I think.

So, my most popular prints are the frog paintings. I've decided to do another 3 frog paintings and I'm way excited about it. One is sitting under a few tulips next to a mushroom. That one will be called "Holland". Very appropriate name because Holland is filled with tulips and mushrooms. Although I don't see that many frogs.

The other one will be called "Triplets". It is three frogs sitting in this pretty grassy field filled with flowers. And there will be this big rainbow over top. Very groovy and colorful as all my stuff is. It's what my Dad calls "Naive". It's my style - very Naive and colorful and everything is basically suited well for a child's bedroom or a person's living room who happens to like so much color and simplicity!

The third painting - well - I haven't totally decided on the name - but I think I will call it "Fat Frog". It will have the most fattest frog of all my paintings - and it will be sitting on a lilly pad and this painting will be the most different because it is just a different style - a bit more abstract in parts - and it's kind of a night scene.

Well, in my other collection "Mormon" paintings I have my Lehi's Dream painting appropriately titled "I have dreamed a dream" And soon I will be adding my now finished version of King Benjamin's Address which I have titled "And they pitched their tents round about". And I've been thinking about what kind of painting I would like to paint next in my Mormon series. I was thinking about when the Jaredites cross the ocean in those big barges. Then my mind drifted to other ideas like more biblical paintings like Moses splitting the red sea or Jesus feeding the 5,000. But... I know it's been done before - as with Lehi's Dream -- but I think I would like to show the world my version of Joseph Smith's first vision. Because my style is naive and colorful and simple and wonderful - it deserves to be seen - it deserves to be done.

I feel like God has given me this talent. And I am not going to hide it under a bush. I want to paint all the most famous and most loved stories from the Mormon culture because it's a part of who I am.

So... there you have it readers (and myself for future reference) It's recorded in blog so it shall be done!


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