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Well, I've rearranged some of my original art that is available for sale or for reproduction on ArtistRising. Just a few more days until I get my "Lion" painting approved. It was rejected the other day because I didn't realize the size wasn't big enough. Now I've up the pixelage on it and it is now enough KB or MB to satisfy the requirements.

I wonder if pixelage is a real word?
Artist Rising...

That is the site I use as a place to let other people look at my art and order prints if they like something a lot. Of course, I also sell the originals if I have them and someone is willing to pay a decent price.

Lately, I have all kinds of ideas floating through my head. I want to paint so much that I have very little time for doing things that I must do. For example, I must take this imburgeren's exam to satisfy this stupid law here in Holland. So I'm supposed to do about 1 hour worth of homework everyday. I really dislike it very much though because I want to spend all my free time on my hobbies and goals.

Anyways, back to the topic of Artist Rising. This is a great site - I love the concept that artists from all over the world can put their stuff up on there and get royalty for their original art and photography. It's very cool. So far, I haven't gotten any money though because you have to reach $50 before they pay anything to you and I'm at $28,…
I accomplished my goal from last year. I went vegetarian. Now can I accomplish my many goals for 2008?

I have many. I won't list them all as some of them are personal. But I got this book for my birthday called Crochet Me. And I recently visited the website. It's so cool. I want to try out many crochet projects this year. I've never really tried anything cool. I've just made my own designs: hats, bags and scarves. But I'd like to try some clothing - a skirt or that cute little sweater for baby that I saw.

I also want to give up sugar in 2008. White sugar. Giving up sweets completely is foolish and impossible to me... but white sugar is doable. Hopefully I'll actually lose weight this year... if only 10 pounds - I'd be so happy :-)