It's 2007 - and I'm doing something a lot of people do - I have my resolutions - many of them I might add... I have a whole new repretoire that I want to work on - ME - I want to be a different person this year. Something that I've decided to do is evolve my meat eating diet to a vegetarian one. I've come across many great websites in my search for a better ME -- I've got to tell you - in the last few years I've used and for vegetarian and vegan recipes - but today I'm so excited that I've come across a website that has just the most awesome list of gourmet- innovative and creative recipes -- it's called vegparadise - it's written by this woman named Zel in Los Angelos and it just has lots of great information. I recommend it to anyone in my position trying to go vegetarian this year. Or if you are already vegetarian and you want to try some new exciting recipes - check it out -- that's You will not be disappointed -- see the Recipe Index and be amazed by how yummy they all sound. In the next two weeks - I'm going to try the following recipes: Almond & Olive stuffed Brussels Sprouts; Cranberry Cannellini (if I can find any cranberries this time of year...); Curried Tofu Puffs (but I think I'll serve mine with peanut satay sauce); Tumbleweed Twizzle; and African Peanut Soup.

Hmm, they all sound so yummy - and I'm excited to check out her book on Nuts -- I've never thought of using so many different types of nuts - but it's a new year and a new ME and I'm gonna go "nuts" this year!

Now - I just have to figure out what mizo and nutritional yeast is - I mean I know what it is - but what is it in the Netherlands - you know - translation of these foods doesn't come easy - maybe down at the health food store they will know what I'm asking for...


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